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Pregnancy can be a time of joy and anticipation, yet for some the experience is colored by pain, discomfort and illness. This is often because pregnant women undergo many structural and hormonal changes that affect the spine, nerves, joints, ligaments, connective tissues, center of gravity and stability. The doctor of chiropractic can ensure that the spinal column, pelvis and related structures are balanced, moving easily and free of vertebral subluxations.


Once pregnant and until the birth of her child a women takes all the proper precautions to maintain her health and that of her child's. This is when diet becomes important, alcohol, drugs, caffeine and tobacco are eliminated from her routine. Regular exercise is encouraged and educating yourself on how to raise a healthy baby are important. However, most pregnant women are unaware of the benefits of chiropractic and how it can make their pregnant months more comfortable and also reduce the pain of labor and delivery, helping to ease the risk of complications.

Is chiropractic safe during Pregnancy? ABSOULTELY!

During pregnancy most women experience pain and discomfort as their bodies adapt to many changes taking place inside. These changes not only include hormonal changes but biomechanical changes as the body deals with extra weight and changes to posture. Such changes can affect our spine ultimately leading to complications with nerves, joints, connective tissue, ligaments, posture and stability. At Needham Family Chiropractic we monitor the events taking place with your spine during pregnancy to ensure that complications are avoided and your future spinal health remains optimal. Ensuring that the spine, pelvis and nervous system remain in check is our focus. Being free from subluxations allows you and your baby to function optimally. Pregnant mothers free from subluxations experience greater comfort, less pain, shorter labor and delivery times. As a whole these mothers experience vitality and health throughout their pregnancy and are better prepared to deal with the stress that childbirth can provide.

A common myth exists amongst the obstetrical community that chiropractic has no role in the life of a pregnant individual. This could not be further from the truth and has led to many myths regarding the power of chiropractic. As a result, many have endured unnecessary suffering during their pregnancy.

Once pregnant, women feel they must stop their chiropractic care. This is not true. Regular adjustments can make pregnancy easier and less stressful. In addition, delivery more comfortable with less complications. Chiropractic care is a valuable part of pregnancy and can be used safely throughout.

Chiropractic adjustments do not harm the pregnant mother or her unborn child. In fact, maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system throughout pregnancy can prevent further postural problems that might occur during and following childbirth.

Chiropractic has documented benefits in reducing back and pelvic pain during pregnancy. The application of chiropractic adjustments during labour and delivery offer a safer method to reduce pain and suffering, that are usually dealt with via pain-relieving drugs. This ensures the safety of both the mother and child.

Can Chiropractic Aid with Breech Presentations?

The latest progress in chiropractic prenatal care is a technique to correct breech presentation to ensure the proper positioning of the baby prior to birth. Dr. L. Webster of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, designed a technique to allow chiropractors to release the stress on the pregnant pelvis, relaxing the uterus, allowing the baby to turn naturally into the proper birth position. A 94% success ratio has been noted with Breech turning to allow for easy delivery.
After pregnancy?

Post-partum chiropractic care is a must to ensure pre-pregnant status is achieved. Correcting subluxations within the spine and pelvis are very important considerations to achieve and maintain optimal health potential.




Since significant spinal trauma can occur at birth, many parents have their newborns examined for vertebral subluxations during the first days of life.

Later, learning to walk, ride a bicycle, and other childhood activities can cause spinal problems. While a bandage and some comforting words can help a skinned knee, the unseen damage to the child's spine is the unique domain of a doctor of chiropractic.

Many childhood health complaints that are brushed off as "growing pains" can often be traced to the spine. Regular chiropractic checkups can identify these problems and help avoid many of the health complaints seen later in adults.

Naturally, chiropractic adjustments are modified to a child's spine. It is not uncommon for adults in our office to report that their children seem healthier, take less medicine, sleep better, and miss fewer days of school while under regular chiropractic care.

Why do millions of parents bring their children to Doctors of Chiropractic every year?
As a concerned parent, you undoubtedly want to do everything possible to ensure your children are as healthy as they can be. Many factors contribute to your children's overall health: proper nutrition, rest, exercise, love, and chiropractic. Chiropractic is the vital link that enables the growth, healing, and function of every tissue and organ in the body.

Chiropractors are concerned with small misalignments of the spinal bones that damage the nervous system, called vertebral subluxations. Subluxations cause interference to the delicate nerve system by putting pressure on the nerves as they branch off of the spinal cord. In addition, subluxations may cause direct insult to the spinal cord itself. The nerve system is responsible for coordinating and controlling all bodily functions, including growth, repair, and healing. Therefore, subluxations should be corrected as soon as possible. Today, we find more parents bringing their children to chiropractors for day-to-day health concerns we're all familiar with: colds, sore throats, ear infections, fevers, colic, asthma, tonsillitis, allergies, bed-wetting, infections, pains, falls, stomach-aches, and the hundred and one little and big things children go through as they grow up.

Subluxations also interfere with internal organ functions. The results may be as simple as the inability to produce the proper quantity and quality of chemicals. Chemicals naturally produced within your child's body are responsible for functions as basic as raising and lowering body temperature. Subluxations not only affect your children's levels of health, but also their overall levels of performance. Everything from the ability to laugh, learn, develop coordination, digest food, grow, hear, and see are controlled by the nervous system and can be affected by vertebral subluxations.

Subluxations can occur at any time. The first one may very well have occurred at your baby's birth. That is why parents who understand the importance of being subluxation-free have their newborns examined by their chiropractor as soon after birth as possible.

By correcting subluxations at an early age, the damage that inevitably comes from functioning at less than optimal levels can be prevented. The longer a subluxation is present, the greater the damage. In addition, the longer a subluxation is present, the longer your child's body will continue to reproduce itself (i.e., grow) in the wrong way! As the twig is bent, so grows the tree!

Many people who come into a chiropractor's office for the first time as adults would have had far greater potential for regaining their health if they had received regular chiropractic care as children.

Chiropractic care for your children is vital to their health and is an absolute necessity to their development and for actualization of their full potential in every area of life.


10 reasons parents take their children to see a chiropractor:


  • To encourage good neural plasticity (brain and nerve development).

  • To support “first-class” nerve communication throughout the body to promoting health and wellbeing.

  • To help strengthen their child’s immunity – encouraging fewer colds, ear-aches and general illness.

  • To help resolve breastfeeding issues and colic.

  • To reduce the detrimental impact our modern world has on our children’s health.

  • Encourages children to thrive by supporting digestive strength.

  • To diminish nerve interference which may impact their child’s capacity to learn and concentrate.

  • To promote body balance – helping to resolve poor posture, asthma, allergies and bed-wetting..

  • To help kids stay fun and light hearted.

  • To help kids stay in tip-top shape.