Spinal Decompression is a “High-Tech” version of advanced spinal traction. For many years spinal traction was implemented to help aid back pain sufferers but always fell short in effectiveness for treatment of disc bulges, disc herniations, & spinal or disc degeneration.

Why? Simply because when you start to pull the spine with regular forms of traction, your supportive muscle begins to contract and resist the effort being applied. (Counter-productive)


So… First, muscles engage, contract and pull often creating further pain, irritation and damage.
Second, strong muscles that have been contracting around areas of decay, damage and degeneration for years make regular traction almost impossible, leading to very little change.


"True" decompression machines use computer-controlled motors to modulate the traction pull in such a way that it does not provoke significant muscle contraction around the spinal area being treated. Because there is little to no muscle resistance to the treatment, spinal decompression is much more comfortable and has a much greater positive effect on the spinal discs than regular traction.

Experiments on regular traction showed that although traction does decrease the pressure inside the disc and may provide benefits in terms of muscle stretching and joint mobilization, it does not produce enough decompressive effect in the discs to significantly reduce disc bulging.

In contrast, "true" spinal decompression machines can produce strong negative pressure, or suction as you probably know it, inside the discs. This allows for the bulging disc material to be pulled back towards the center of the disc. In effect, it's almost like someone stuck a drinking straw into the center of the disc and sucked the disc bulge back in.