Spinal Decompression Therapy doesn’t just help to reduce symptoms as a quick-fix modality. When used appropriately and specifically it produces real structural and neurological healing.
Treatment times usually take 12-17 minutes depending on your corrective care strategies outlined by Dr. Needham. Once you’re gently strapped in for Spinal Decompression the technology does the rest.
While you’re resting and relaxing our Decompression Therapy machine works to produce a strong negative pressure or suction force inside the discs and around the spinal nerves. This allows bulging disc material or misaligned structures to be pulled back to balance and center.
Another benefit of the suction-like force produced by Decompression Therapy is that supportive muscles relax, fluid and nutrients are drawn back into the discs and disc healing & regeneration ensues.
Whether it’s degenerated discs causing stenosis, nerve pressure, sciatica or muscle spasms this increase in fluid can help restore proper disc height and reduce nerve pressure on nerves around arthritic spinal joint areas.
Over time and with proper treatment, disc walls gradually heal, stabilize and are able to retain the bulging material they contain. In addition, tense asymmetrical and limited muscles equalize and spinal nerve root pressure is restored so your Nervous System can be interference free and you can live the life you deserve.